Chillers and Coolers

PolyScience Chillers and Coolers have proven, over several decades and hundreds of thousands of installations, that they are the most reliable in the industry — and an exceptionally smart choice for end-user and OEM applications ranging from lasers and analytical equipment to reactors and manufacturing equipment.

Recirculating Coolers -
Model 3370 Liquid-to-Air Cooler

Key Specifications

Working Temperature Range: Ambient +5° to 70°C 
Maximum Fluid Temperature: 70°C 
Cooling Capacity: 4000 watts based on 11°C Δ T (water)


  • An economical solution for applications where cooling fluid temperature is higher than ambient and temperature control is not required
  • Quiet liquid-to-air cooling
  • Positive displacement or turbine pump
  • Built-in low liquid level indicator

Performance Specifications & Part Numbers

Temperature Range Ambient to 70°C
Cooling Capacity @ 20°C (W)

500 based on 2°C ΔT
1000 based on 4°C ΔT
2000 based on 8°C ΔT
3000 based on 10°C ΔT
4000 based on 11°C ΔT

Power Requirements (V/Hz) 120/60 240/50 120/60 240/50
Pump 1/3 HP Positive Displacement 1/3HP Turbine Pump
Maximum Pressure psi (bar) 100 (6.9) 100 (6.9) 62 (4.3) 50 (3.4)
Maximum Flow gpm (l/min) 2.4 (9.1) 2 (7.6) 5.4 (20.5) 4.5 (17.1)
Part Number 120 VAC / 60Hz 3370P9A11B 3370TBA11B
Part Number 240 VAC / 50Hz 3370P9A12E 3370TBA12E

ΔT = Process water temperature - ambient air temperature

Electrical plugs for the part numbers listed are standard U.S. and European types. Country specific plug types available.


Front mounted gauge lets you check process pressure at a glance.