Specialty Products

Our selection of purpose-built products is designed to accommodate specific testing and quality control needs, such as the calibration of temperature measurement devices, viscosity measurements, fecal coliform testing, plasma thawing, histological and beverage-aging studies.

Viscosity Baths with
Advanced Digital Temperature Controller

Uniquely configured to accommodate specific testing and quality control needs, including ASTM D-445.

Key Specifications

Working Temperature: Ambient +10° to +200°C 
Temperature Stability: ±0.01°C 
Safety Rating: Class III Safety Rating (FL) 
External Temperature Control Capability: Yes 
Pump: Variable-speed 
External Circulation: Open- or closed-loop

  • Configured for use with popular capillary viscometers
  • DuraTop™ insulating, chemical-resistant top deck
  • Includes tap water cooling coil

Key Features

  • Intuitive 3.75” (9.5 cm) display with touch-pad control
  • 4 languages: French, German, Spanish, English
  • Swivel 180™ Rotating Controller
  • On-board connectivity: USB-A & B, Ethernet, RS-232/RS-485 and external temperature probe
  • On-screen prompts
  • Automatic performance optimization and specific heat tuning
  • Single-point calibration capability

Product Specifications & Part Numbers

17 Liter Viscosity Bath, 120V, Round Openings
Controller Type Advanced Digital
Programmable for Test Protocols
Heater Wattage 1100 W (60Hz)/2200 W (50Hz)
Pump Speed Variable
Temperature Stability ±0.01° C
Viscometer Openings
6 Round Openings
Working Access (LxWxD) (6) x 5.1 Ø x 27.9 cm
Overall Dimensions (LxWxD) 31.8 Ø x 52.1 cm
60Hz Part Number AD17VB6G-A11B
50Hz Part Number AD17VB6G-A12E


The Advanced Digital Temperature Controller displays and controls bath temperatures with ±0.01°C precision and stability. Plus you can further optimize performance through a variety of control settings including pump speed, specific heat value, calibration offset and internal or external temperature control. 


Bi-directional RS-232, addressable RS-485 and Ethernet communications provide fast and versatile remote control and data logging. USB-A and USB-B enable you to log data directly to a flash drive or computer.


On-screen prompts and 4 languages (English, Spanish, French and German) take the guesswork out of setup and operation. Adjusting the temperature set-point, pump speed or other operational settings is simple, straightforward and intuitive. In addition, the Advanced Digital Temperature Controller features a message bar that assists in making changes and provides alerts and safety information.


The Advanced Digital Temperature Controller delivers exceptional safety for a wide variety of laboratory applications. Standard safety features include redundant over-temperature protection, low-liquid level float switch, user-settable over-temperature safety and high and low temperature limits.