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Enhance and extend the performance of your PolyScience Circulator, General Purpose Water Bath, Chiller, or Recirculating Cooler with genuine PolyScience fluids, accessories, and replacement parts.

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External Pt100 Probe, Cable length: 10' (2 m)

Cable Lengths: 10', 25' and 50'

External Pt100 Probe, Cable length: 2' (0.6 m)

External Pt100 Probe. For monitoring the temperature of an external application. 5/32" (4 mm) diameter x 6" (15.2 cm)

In-line Pt100 Temperature Sensor, brass

For use with Circulating Baths. Brass, Cable Length: 10' (3 m)

Thermometer (-20° to +150°C) alcohol, non-calibrated

-20° to +150°C. Alcohol. Non-calibrated

Thermometer Holder

For use with thermometer