Heated Circulating Baths

We have dozens of different solutions to your laboratory’s liquid heating needs – from a simple Immersion Circulator to economical Open Bath Systems to full-featured Circulating Baths with ramp and soak capability.  60 years of patented innovation and award winning technology are the foundation of all of our Heated Circulating Baths.

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13L Refrigerated Open Tank

Combine with the MX Immersion Circulator to create a refrigerated circulating bath.

Key Specifications

Working Temperature: 0° to 150°C 
Cooling Capacity: Up to 400 watts at 20°C 
Reservoir Capacity: 13 liters


  • Continuous cooling to 0°C
  • Designed to run at maximum cooling; required heated thermostat for temperature control
  • Ideal for applications where bath temperatures at or near ambient are required
  • Insulated stainless steel tank
  • Cool Command™

Performance Specifications & Part Numbers

13 Liter Refrigerated Open Bath
Working Temperature Range 0° to 150° C
Tank Material
Stainless Steel
Temperature Control Continuous Cooling to 0°C
Electrical Requirements 120/60/1/3 (VAC/Hz/Ph/A)
240/50/1/1.5 (VAC/Hz/Ph/A)
Cooling Capacity @ 0°C 90 W (60Hz)/75 W (50hz)
Cooling Capacity @ +10°C 270 W (60Hz)/225 W (50Hz)
Cooling Capacity @ +20°C (W) (50hz) 400 W (60Hz)/330 W (50Hz)
Working Access (L x W x D) 9 x 11.75 x 7.75 in
22.9 x 29.8 x 19.7 cm
Overall Dimensions (L x W x D) 13.5 x 22 x 10 in
34.3 x 55.9 x 25.4 cm
60Hz Part Number
50Hz Part Number T13RSA12E