Heated Circulating Baths

We have dozens of different solutions to your laboratory’s liquid heating needs – from a simple Immersion Circulator to economical Open Bath Systems to full-featured Circulating Baths with ramp and soak capability.  60 years of patented innovation and award winning technology are the foundation of all of our Heated Circulating Baths.

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Stainless Steel Open Bath Systems with
Advanced Programmable Temperature Controller

Key Specifications

Working Temperature: Ambient +10 to +150°C 
Temperature Stability: ±0.005°C 
Safety Rating: DIN 12876-1 Class I (for use with non-flammable liquids) 
External Temperature Control Capability: Yes 
Pump: Variable-speed 
External Circulation: Open- or closed-loop 

  • DuraTop™ insulating, chemical-resistant top deck
  • Lidded opening for optional cooling coil (10, 20 and 28 liter models)
  • Includes bath cover

Key Features

  • OpenMode time/temperature programming (no restrictions on number of programs or steps)
  • Intuitive 4.3” (10.9 cm) SmartTouch display
  • 11 languages: French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, Arabic, Italian, Korean, English
  • Variable speed pump with open- and closed-loop external circulation capability
  • Swivel 180™ Rotating Controller
  • On-board connectivity: USB-A & B, Ethernet, RS-232/RS-485, romote on/off and external temperature probe
  • Event scheduling (time & date) with real-time clock
  • Review temperature trends for up to 10 days
  • Multiple selectable “home” screens
  • On-screen help
  • Automatic and/or user-adjustable performance optimization
  • 10-point calibration capability
  • Includes Enhanced Performance Hardware & Software Package (Pt100 temperature probe, USB flash drive for data logging, stainless steel fittings and tubing adapters, PolyScience LabVIEW Virtual Instrument, iPhone application download)

Performance Specifications & Part Numbers

6 Liter Stainless Steel Open Bath System 10 Liter Stainless Steel Open Bath System 20 Liter Stainess Steel Open Bath System 28 Liter Stainless Steel Open Bath System
Maximum Temperature
Working Access (LxWxD)
3.9 x 4.3 x 6 in
10 x 11 x 15.2 cm
3.9 x 10.1 x 6 in
9.9 x 25.5 x 15.2 cm
10.4 x 9 x 6 in
26.4 x 22.8 x 15.2 cm
10.1 x 8.4 x 8 in
25.7 x 21.4 x 20.3 cm
Overall Dimensions (LxWxD)
13.4 x 8.1 x 14.9 in
34 x 20.6 x 37.8 cm
13.9 x 13.5 x 14.9 in
35.3 x 34.2 x 37.8 cm
20.9 x 13.5 x 14.9 in
53.1 x 34.2 x 37.8 cm
20.9 x 13.5 x 16.9 in
53.1 x 34.2 x 42.9 cm
60Hz Part Number
50Hz Part Number AP06S150-A12E AP10S150-A12E AP20S150-A12E AP28S150-A12E

Vertical Tabs

Intuitive and Precise

Intuitive and Precise

Our controllers display it all: internal bath temperature, external bath temperature, set-point and more–all on one easy to read screen.

Whether equipped with the entry-level controller or our most sophisticated icon-driven SmartTouch™ interface controller, PolyScience units are extremely easy to use. Clear navigational buttons and menu prompts guide you through setup, making operational and temperature set-point changes simple and precise.

Advanced Programmable temperature controllers guide you through setup and operation using universal icons, on-screen help and logical menus.



Extensive connectivity capabilities enable you to control and communicate with your circulator in a wide variety of ways, including Ethernet, RS-232, addressable RS-485, USB-A and USB-B.

Safe and Reliable

Safe and Reliable

Redundant over-temperature protection, high and low temperature limits and alarms alert you instantly to conditions that fall outside normal operating parameters. Lockout capability prevents unauthorized operational changes.

The elimination of RoHS-specified chemicals substances from fabricated components contributes to a cleaner, safer environment. In addition, all of our baths comply with WEEE, IEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-010, IEC 61326-1, DIN 12876 and are CE and ETL certified.

Class III Safety

Our Advanced Series Controllers feature temperature and float shut-off systems meeting DIN 12876-1 Class III standards for use with flammable liquids.

Total Control

Total Control

  • Review and run even the most complex ramp and soak temperature program quickly and easily without any guesswork.
  • Highly intuitive programming application lets you add, edit or delete steps quickly. Settable time or temperature priority ensures programs run as intended.
  • Plain-text program naming and preview function make it easy to identify stored programs.
  • Convenient upload/download utility allows you to easliy share or backup stored programs.
  • The intelligent scheduling application even lets you schedule a program to run automatically – hours, days, weeks, even months in the future.