Specialty Products

Our selection of purpose-built products is designed to accommodate specific testing and quality control needs, such as the calibration of temperature measurement devices, viscosity measurements, fecal coliform testing, plasma thawing, histological and beverage-aging studies.

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Cryoprecipitate Bath

Safe, reliable thawing of Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
for the recovery of Cryoprecipitated Antihemophilic Factor (AHF).

Key Specifications

Working Temperature: Setpoint Fixed @ 4°C (Variable Setpoint 4° to 40°C on -V models)
Temperature Stability: ±0.1°C 
Reservoir Capacity: 52.24 liters 
Working Access (L x W x D): 20.6 x 13 x 12" (52.4 x 33 x 30.5 cm) 
Overall Dimensions: 28 x 14.5 x 36.6" (71.1 x 37 x 93 cm)


  • Setpoint Fixed at 4°C (Variable Setpoint 4° to 40°C on -V models)
  • Thaws up to 24 units of FFP or Whole Blood (WB) simultaneously
  • Bright temperature and elapsed time displays
  • Built-in over-temperature and flow alarms
  • Calibration capability
  • High efficiency fluid filter, removable air filter, reservoir drain
  • Hinged polycarbonate gabled cover
  • 20 slot thawing rack
  • RS232 included on variable temperature -V models

Part Numbers

Cryoprecipitate Bath
60Hz Part Number 6260MXCRY10C / 6260MXCRY10C-V
50Hz Part Number 6250MYCRY30E / 6250MYCRY30E-V